Glitch Loading Problems? - 2

Hey all :wave:,

Again, the status of the project containers has deteriorated, although the API response time remains normal. The editor might not load and you may experience errors. Waiting for @support_staff! Meanwhile, you can monitor the status at

Have a good day!

You’re correct, we’re experiencing an issue. The engineering staff is investigating.

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I’m noticing changes in the API response times as well.

Looks like Glitch is going bonkers. The homepage is now the homepage for users that are not logged in. And it’s asking me to sign in again…

I’m also experiencing this issue, one of my projects unexpectedly had downtime for 6 minutes.

This is getting to be very annoying how many times has this same issue happened in the past few days. This is getting to be very obnoxious. I get on and try to login and edit things then what happens there’s an ongoing outage and I can’t do anything at all. Not to sound rude or anything but its very very unpleasant. I understand this could be due to Glitch soon going to release the Paid Plan. But I still find it extremely annoying when I can’t access things when there is an outage happening every day, or every hour.

I made an announcement about the downtime- please follow there for updates: Issues with the Glitch API, Editor and Project availability

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