Editing and Reconnecting :(

I’m trying ‘enable-pnpm’,‘refresh’ but not working

Disk: 95% 184MB / 194MBEkran%20G%C3%B6r%C3%BCnt%C3%BCs%C3%BC%20(5)
and not working ‘git prune’,
‘git gc’ => fatal: unable to overwrite old ref-pack file: No space left on device
error: failed to run pack-refs

project name: xl

if I need to remix a new project, can you reset my domain connection

Hey @CagatayD, you project definitely seems like an XL (eXtra Large) project, disk space wise.

I’ve expanded your disk space for 24 hours for you to take care of this - it looks to me like you need to clear out your .cache directory, and in the long term figure out why your cache is holding onto so much stuff and make sure it doesn’t do so in the future or you’re just going to run into this again.

All of the symptoms you describe are consistent with oversized Glitch project behavior, so I think they’ll resolve themselves when you fix this issue.

Hey @cori Thanks but my english is not good Do I need to do anything?

Aye you do! If you look at the output of du -hd1 you’ll see that a directory called .cache is taking up most of your space, so you need to do the following:

  1. get rid of that content in whatever way is appropriate for the caching that you’re doing. You could simply delete .cache by running rm -rf .cache in your project’s console as long as that won’t break anything in your project (I can’t say for sure not knowing where that cache is coming from or what’s using it, but generally deleting a cache doesn’t do much aside from make your app slower for a bit). That will resolve the problem that’s causing all the other unfortunate behavior (like not being able to run git gc).
  2. figure out why your cache was so large and take steps to make sure it doesn’t grow so big in the future. Again not knowing what you’re caching and why, I can’t offer specific tips for this, but hopefully your caching solution offers some sort of setting to control how large the cache grows. Doing this will keep you from running out of space again.

Hope this helps!

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3MB / 984MB :ok_hand:Thanks :innocent:

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