Fix the IP address limit for support forum access. My students are disadvantaged


My students are being turned away from the Glitch forum because you are limiting connections from our school’s IP address.

Please fix soon.

Your message currently says:
“New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact a staff member.”


It would be great if my students can participate in this forum.


I’ve temporarily raised the IP Address limits, so the rest of your students should be able to join. Sorry for the inconvenience!


My classes today are experiencing the same problem. Can you remove the IP Address limit once more?


I didn’t reset them, but I raised them a little farther.

Can you let me know how many students are coming to the forums from your IP, more or less?


I have about 50 students in total who will be coming to the forums. This semester my students are forming teams and being introduced to SOPs and protocols related to workflows and getting help. Students are expected to use this forum as one of the avenues of help.


That’s great info, @SirFizX, thanks! I’m a little surprised that your students were encountering this this morning after I’d lifted the limits yesterday - the current rate limit is more than twice that many logins per minute. But in any case let us know if anyone else runs into it and we’ll see what we can do.