GeoRadar: Self-hostable configurable location sharing
This is a little old project I dug up that I never polished, but basically you can create rooms where people share their location with the server and the server reveals locations of users if they are within a set number of miles (this can be set by the room creator). This can be helpful if you want to know if someone lives near you without leaking locations to each other unintentionally.

I guess you could call it a cool mapbox demo as everything else seems a little half-baked.

What’s nice about glitch is that it can offer some form of transparency on what’s running on the backend, like you are able to see at the project page Georadar . (you can also see the cursed distance measuring function that doesn’t quite make sense with the earth’s curvature I guess).


That’s pretty cool but a room chat would be a nice thing to have.

I love this app, and a chat room would be pretty good. However, when a user creates a room, there should be an area where the user can see their code, other than the web address. :slight_smile:

I tend to write apps for one purpose only, I felt like to keep it simple for the time being and reduce development I’d leave out a feature like chat, since it might make more sense to use this in conjunction.

I may consider fixing this up to include a room code copy button for qol some day.

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