GitHub Auth / repo name not remembered after logout

After logging out and logging back in, I am asked to re-authorize GH and specify a username / repo name to push to (using the “Advanced Options” menu). Seems like it would make sense to retain this info across sessions?

Also - is there a reason this feature doesn’t attach the repo as a remote to the project?

Thanks again

I’m not seeing this issue. Could it be that it’s changing project when you log out, and you haven’t changed back to the original yet? The repo you exported to is stored with the project, so logging out shouldn’t affect it.

One reason we don’t set a remote is that export existed long before there was a git repo in the project. We have some git-related features coming soon, so I’ll revisit this as part of those.

Hi Tim -
I’m able to reproduce here - and yes, within the same project. Try switching browsers or using an incognito window and you will see it.

I believe you are actually only storing the token / repo name in local storage, which might explain it (under key “userPrefs”). This is not ideal for people working in shared / lab contexts where they may be switching machines week to week.

Would be nice to see deeper git integration, looking forward to it!

Looks like you’re right. There’s a place to keep it in the DB, but we don’t seem to be using it. I’ll look into that too, as part of the coming changes.