Glitch addons! extend your experience!

extend your experience!

glitch-addons is a project which lets you download and use chunks of code or scripts made by us (ProTech IT Solutions) or you!

Wait... do I need sudo?

No! it uses Apache SubVersioN (SVN) to get files from our community repo- check out for a list of addons and a link to the repo (check footer)

How do I install the thing?!

run this command:




command list under the command ‘help’

There isn't many addons!

This is because it is new, our repo is empty and we need your code!

follow the 3 steps in here to submit an addon


sorry to hear! PM me or reply by mentioning me here!

What does 'nvm' do?

This installs the Node Version Manager, you need

  • a .bashrc or .bash_profile file
  • node.JS
  • enough space

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Just a tip, I think you said wget wget on the install tab.

that is why you don’t type and copy and paste at the same time lol

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NVM is the Node Version Manager, it lets you choose which node version should be exposed in the PATH variable.

This should not be a PR-setup where people have to create a pull request to get their addons submitted, that is a lot of unnecessary work for add-on developers. Your add-on website should proxy other git repos, i.e. you can add a database where people can add a add-on name ‘example’ to a database which points to a git URI ‘’.

In the top of your file you can add a shebang #!/usr/bin/env python3. This way you can rename the file to glitch-cli and users will be able to run it using ./glitch-cli.

thanks for your info, the PR is only required until we can setup an actual system

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You should have a look at this dynamic system:


What do you mean by that?

if you would like something to be added, you should add it to our repo as an issue so we can add it.

As I said, you should only proxy git repositories, not actually make developers having to PR it. have a look at database.json on how deno did it with their third party modules page.

right now, my plan is to allow developers to submit code through our site. We would improve it as we go along

@ihack2712 is there any other things we could add? (im writing a list)

Not within my mind atm.

okay, well i’ll work on that form when the outage is over

@17lwinn check your DM

nothing yet… @idodev

check the group chat for statify

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