Glitch editor not working on school computer

Just shows that red connection problems thing in the top right. However, the project is still alive and can be still be access. Here’s the console.
This is when going on the edit part of the site. works, and subsites work. doesn’t work too

This is most likely because your school’s firewall is blocking the connection to Glitch.

Maybe ask your IT department and see if they can get it unblocked.

However, I’m unsure as whether this is a problem on Glitch or with your school network.

Hey @LightningsFury I’ll second what @xXProGamerXx noted; this is most likely not a problem with Glitch but instead is probably an issue with your school’s network configuration blocking some Glitch addresses.

If you have a phone handy you might be able to verify that by connecting to an Editor address while using mobile data, which would get you off your school’s network. If the Editor shows up there but not on the school computer then we can pretty confidently say your school’s network is causing the issue.

Sorry for the bother!

Thanks, I’ll look into it. It’s strange, because there’d be no reason for it to be blocked and it’s only the editor. I’m pretty much the only person who uses glitch

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The thing is most schools usually buy content blocking firewall software from companies. The companies control what’s blocked (the school can add their own etc). For example, all “blogs” and Q&A sites are blocked at my school.

(Thankfully Glitch isn’t :slight_smile: )