Glitch just got a new header

If you go onto,

and look at that! There is a brand new header brought to Glitch!

it had just came out now, because I was on Glitch a little earlier, which did not have that update

Edit: I might be wrong with the Glitch - earlier thing


I’m on mobile. I saw it and thought it looked different, but then I just assumed it’s the mobile one as I am not on mobile that much. Can you send a screenshot of it on PC?

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Ready to see this great thing?

I added a tag called “Glitch ecosystem” to talk about stuff like this

it’s got hover buttons :wink:

Can we have a side by side view?

Woah, incredible! It matches the footer correctly, although I miss the Glitch buttons.

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And the mobile view is even more awesomer!


Woah, though I am a little said there maybe isn’t like and Ipad type version since barely anyone codes using these stupid tiny buttons

love it, you gotta love it

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I now got memories from 2018. I remember the 5 year old drawing background.

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I moved this to #feedback.