link broken?

Uptime robot is unable to wake up my project and when I open the link, I just see “OK”. No waking up, nothing. Just “OK”. Here’s the link:

that means that your project is already awake, and you have a express server running which is sending a response “OK”, that means uptime robot is working just fine!

Do you have any other problems that may be the reason you say your project is not being kept alive, is your code running or do you have to start it yourself?

I need to wake it up manually. It won’t work

When you visit the link, because you are seeing “OK”, that means it is woken up already, and you do not need to do anything!

But the bot will stay offline! It won’t come online until I come and click edit project

Can you please send me a private message containing an invite to your project, so I can check to see what is happening if it is client side problem, can you also send a screenshot of your uptime robot configuration!

I use a different website for waking up the website. Here’s the image

Can you show the configuration for that!

There’s no such configuration. You just add the link there and that’s it

You must make sure that it is sending a request to your projects url, atleast once every 5 minutes

It does every 2 minutes

Hey @Daksh777 I don’t see a project at this address right now - are you still having this issue?

No, I managed to solve it. Thank you

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May i know how to solve it?

Pinging services have been permanently banned.

all services? like Cula and UptimeRobot?

now how to keep my Discord bot online?

The only way to do so, is to purchase boosted apps so your project can run 24/7 which will keep your bot online. Check out this link for more info on purchasing boosted apps:

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I hate to but in, but in the future, please check the time stamp and reframe from bumping topics as it is extreamly annoying.

okey thanks, but i always want free LOL