Glitchcord 2: Now with 200% better security!

I’m sure some of you remember Glitchcord. I actually mentioned I was making this abomination on my chat project :slight_smile:

This version is… a bit bad… especially since I didn’t add any sort of token validation yet. That’s coming tomorrow though along with multiple tabs open :smiley:

Have fun messing with this!

(you will need an email because we use Corbado for authentication. Afterwards you can log in using Webauthn though)

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This actually looks fire, great job! Can’t wait for it to be fully working :slight_smile:

Some updated have happened on the client and server! Check it out at some point.

  • Added notice for if signin is taking too long
  • Better signing! When you first open a channel, the client generates a signing key and sends it to the server. I’m going to be moving that logic to the server soon :slight_smile:
    This also means that you can have multiple tabs open now!!
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btw, something’s going wrong

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