Google Family Account, kids can't access

Hi, so my son is looking to access Glitch but he’s underage and Google is refusing to authenticate him for login. Here is the error we’re getting.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this? I’ve tried on multiple browsers, Chrome and Edge. Thanks in advance.

I don’t think there is a way to get around this. Glitch and Google require users to be 13+.

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I see, that’s a shame as he’s ready to move beyond scratch.

I guess you could just make him a github account…

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Fair enough, I offered to let him use my Google account and he complained that he wanted credit for his creations!

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Sadly, It’s due to COPPA.

COPPA just says you can’t do certain things (privacy related, etc) with people under 13, from what i know… but i’m not a lawyer

coppa is annoying though, they restrict people under 13 a lot

It looks like they should be able to sign up with parental consent, or am I missing something? -

@jonathanbohan, unfortunately, this is what the Glitch ToS says:

Eligibility: “You have to be thirteen or older.”
No individual under the age of thirteen (13) may use the Services or provide any information to Glitch, Inc. or otherwise through the Services (including, for example, a name, address, telephone number, or email address). If you are a parent and believe your child under the age of thirteen (13) has created an Account or otherwise provided personal information to Glitch, Inc., please contact us at In addition, you may only use the Services to the extent not legally prohibited from doing so.

How about emailing Glitch at Or he might have to wait until his 13th birthday! :wink:


i think the TOS should be updated to read:

individuals who are not 13 or other may use glitch within reason and in the physical presence of an eligible user


I would just recommend emailing like @khalby786 said and asking if you could sign up your child with your permission.