Glitch for Kids

I’m thinking that Glitch should have a Kids platform where kids can code, and it can be more kid friendly, so young coders, like 6 yr olds, can code websites and apps for other kids.

seems good, but what about the console?

maybe in the account settings there could be a ‘kid mode’ setting


Personally I think Glitch is already fairly kid-friendly. I guess the console can be a bit intimidating.

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Well, there is a 13+ restriction in TOS.

True. But that is to comply with COPPA and Glitch can’t really change that.

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WDYM? (more text for Discourse)

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I think it might be possible if glitch setup a couple of servers outside of the us?

Glitch is based in the US and since it appeals to clients everywhere (including the us) I don’t think you can get around this.

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Kids under 13 should not learn coding by this age, because they still growing up, and focusing on the computer for them is already bad, so COPPA makes a lot of sense


to be fair, some people first learn to code with scratch. But i’ve tried to set it up in glitch and it won’t work…

@17lwinn, Scratch abandoned Adobe Flash, and now they’re completely HTML5.

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yep, but i tried to clone the git repo which is node, html5 and other stuff

it was way too big and i had to abandon the project

it used to written in squeak.js FACT

I learned coding when I was 7ish. Not just Scratch, but JavaScript and HTML and a bit of batch.

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Great, but most of kids, don’t have time to learn, they have to explore the world, not the Internet


You can make your own glitch project with Blockly by google, it’s not too big I think but glitch itself is probably not targeted at kids(though I think the pictures would work for a kids version).

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but during a pandemic, that all changes

im not saying force them to learn node im saying if they want to learn this language, let them

This would be a great idea, since coding is a valuable skill.

To those of you who think kids should be exploring the world and not programming, we’re not saying 6 year olds have to code the next Facebook within 2 weeks, we’re saying that there should be a glitch that is kid-friendly so they can learn to code if they want to.(or if their parents want them to)

And, a way around COPPA would be for a subsidiary to be setup somewhere other than the United States, however server location doesn’t really matter.


You see, it’s not just coppa. For example, here in the UK, the ICO have laws and guidelines for the collection of a child’s data, including that children under 13 must have permission from a parent or guardian. This has been one of my road blocks for building MHIRA (my project that you may have seen in the gallery, specifically made for children). Mind you, our laws are a bit more forward thinking than in the US. I also assume that lots of countries have similar laws so it’s best to leave it at 13.