Help with Discord bot error


Yesterday at night I did update my bot, I added one command. Everything was fine, but after a while there was a listen EADDRINUSE :::3000 error in the console. I said okay, I’ll fix it in the morning. Unfortunately, I can not fix it. By editing anything in the code, the page restarts. I can not make any changes. I could ask you to fix the error or restore the code from yesterday morning or the day before yesterday if you can not. Please help. The bot helps me with my Discord server. Regards. Sorry for my bad English.

My app page


You can roll back your own project to remove your breaking change. Use Rewind, available using the two left arrows icon to the side of the Logs button in the editor.

However it could be that your project is full. In which case, run ‘git prune’ and ‘git gc’ from the console.


I did not know that I could do it myself. Thank you very much for your help!