Goodbye private projects

We’re changing project privacy settings at Glitch. Here’s what you need to know:

In the past, you’ve set one or more of your projects to private on Glitch. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a new setting that lets users add another layer of privacy to their projects. Not only will you be able to set who can view and edit your project’s code, you’ll also be able to determine who can see your live site or app.

This is a departure from our current privacy settings, which have always made URLs publicly available on the Internet.

We’re implementing these new privacy settings as part of our paid tier, but any apps you currently have set to private will continue to keep the code hidden and be only accessible to members you invite. We’re committed to ensuring that the free Glitch experience stays great for users like you.

Please make note of the following:

  • Projects that you currently have set to “Private” will continue to hide the project code from anyone who is not a project member.
  • If you change your project from private to public, you’ll lose the ability to change it back unless you upgrade your account.

If you have questions about the coming changes, just reply to this email.

I got this email today. Let’s discuss it openly here rather than over email.

I appreciate that Glitch won’t be flipping previously private project to be public.

As a separate question, will free users continue to be able to make private-code projects?

cross reference to previous discussion Project privacy + app sharing

Also, an explanation of the thread title–Glitch is not removing the private-code feature going forward, per se. They are moving it to a paid feature. The “goodbye” sentiment is on behalf of stubborn free users like myself.


Bye bye private project people.

Let’s make a bunch of projects and private them.

The least they can do is put Glitch for GH Student Pack.

Hi! Thanks for starting the thread here :slight_smile:

The ability to make code private (a current offering) will be moving to the paid tier so, no, free users will not be able to make private-code projects.

Is there some UI for when you go to a project that has it so only certain people can view it, or some kind of OAuth for Glitch?

ehh,doesn’t really affect me, I don’t private them anyway.

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I understand the frustration, @code-alt. But while your call to action is technically possible, bypassing something that makes the service more sustainable would only lead to other product/pricing decisions like this so we can keep Glitch going for everyone.

You’ll be able to make the project fully private and invite other users and only they will be able to see the app. So it’s not OAuth for Glitch, but it is a Glitch-specific kind of authorization which I personally think is cool and have been using internally for a number of projects that I only want my coworkers to have access to!

I was thinking something like


But inviting users might be a bit bad. Can we get an “View only” feature?


Can we have an a la carte option?


That’s good feedback. I will say, though, that for security reasons, platforms often obfuscate whether a project/doc/message is private or an actual 404.


I love Glitch… I mean love Glitch! But there are a few things that have while I’ve been using it

  1. Huge downtimes during coronavirus lockdowns. Totally understandable, no problem. I had absolutely no problems with it
  2. Pinging gets banned. A shame, but I can deal with it. A few seconds of ‘Waking Up…’ won’t do any harm.
  3. Now this. Removing the ability to have private projects? Wh-What? I get it, things cost money. But I didn’t even receive this email people are talking about despite being an avid Glitch user and getting Glitch marketing emails all the time. The reason I use Glitch is the fact I can make a full-stack app, for free, without all my code being exposed to the web. I love how Glitch works, I love Glitch’s interface, I love Glitch’s core values and the way they interact with the community. But forcing people to display the code they worked hard on to the world. What’s going to be the difference between or other sites like that? Why should I continue to use Glitch? As I have said before, I would be happy to donate to Glitch a bit or buy merchandise, but Glitch just hasn’t added the option. I just can’t justify spending $8-10 every month! All requests for student discounts have been ignored despite them being a huge part of the Glitch community, but most just don’t have money. (See: Glitch Boosted with GitHub Student Pack) If there was a student discount, maybe… just maybe.

…I might add on that things cost too much money and that Glitch might not have enough money to handle a user like me making a few projects a day

Aaah, the day we feared has arrived! Gotta archive all my embarrassing projects before anyone sees it!


We’re not going to make your private projects public!


Also I’d like the /secret page back because that was just cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can say with confidence that that’s not gonna happen hehe.


Ok so I guess embarrassing projects remain private on Glitch! Hopefully it stays there.


Even the not-embarrassing private projects :slight_smile:


Yes, including super genius project ideas that no one will ever think of in a hundred years.