Is this illegal/Can we do anything about this?

I recently saw a discord guild that has the name “”:ghost: Glitch host :ghost:"" and it promises you 24/7 project availability/uptime for “credits”, which are gained by inviting people to the guild. Obviously im not gonna give an invite or something because that would violate the rules. The guild stands like its official but when you look closer or even maybe ask someone you would get that its unofficial. I dont know if this violates the terms or rules or something so im asking.

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It’s definitely illegal since it’s impersonating the glitch brand.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Would you mind emailing with more information?


It appears to be violating a few things:

  1. impersonation
  2. scamming people for 24/7 projects that get suspended for quota limits

I told them about this and they changed the guild name to “Glitch Keep-alive host”, and the owner told me that the 24/7 works by sending https requests every 1,5 min. instead of something like uptimerobot sending 5 min requests.

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Just report this to and they can probably take this down.