Let me ask how the Discord Bot always online

May I ask how to make a robot has been online, my computer can not always be open.
I read a lot of ways, or will not use.
Here attached directly related to connection, I hope you can me.
[Discord server]( https : //discord.gg/SvxgX2p)

[join link removed. to protect your project, please do not post project invites in the forum]

Here is a tutorial from An Idiot’s Guide https://anidiots.guide/other-guides/hosting-on-glitch some points are obsolete but they should not affect the deployment of your bot on Glitch

Hey, @taiming03.
Your Invite links are dead. But, let me point out that you can try to get 24/7 uptime on your bot by using this site. It works for mine. Anyway, you can read this earlier post of the same question, it might help.

@taiming03, you can use UptimeRobot to ping your bot every five minutes and use Awake, to ping your projects every one minute. Either way, it will keep your bot always online.

Try using uptimerobot, if not, you can contact me at SplitXPlayZ#2071. I’m always trying to helping other people like you.


You need a service that will keep waking up your Glitch project every 5 minutes (since they go to sleep after 5 minutes). I wrote a guide to keeping your project awake here.

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