Monetization on Glitch + Coding help

I wanted to do more like a community post on Glitch to ask if anyone is making any sort of money using glitch. And also get the opinions of those who create on glitch. Like are we even allowed to do some sort of monetization on the websites we create. Also, regarding the discord bot and all my complaining I just started to host it on my own. In that regard I do need some assistance with visual studio code and how I can directly import a programming language. Visual studio does support most languages but LUA. I can’t find many platforms that use the newest lua update including Roblox so I’m wondering how I can just import it that way I can see all the changes with my own eyes. I still don’t know how to make an EXE I basically got told in order to make an EXE I would need to learn C. But I’d assume that my computer has some kind of simplified program to create an EXE. I’m making this assumption because the internet has existed for over 2 decades. If you are able to help me out with this I’d truly appreciate it because as of currently I’m hard stuck till I open the door but how. I know I have written a lot but I truly need some help. I asked about monetization because I would love to enable google adsense on my site to create a passive-ish income and then use the DGB members google adsense from them just viewing the page to then fund even more DGB stuff. I know this post will most likely get taken down but I truely hope someone will see it and read it. If you do read this I truly hope you are doing good and that life is improving. If you guys could do me one favor it would be to respond as concise and simplified form as possible like a 9 year old that way I do not got to keep bothering you on the forum.

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Hi there!

To make money from your Glitch websites, consider options like ads, sponsorships, or offering services like web development. Check Glitch’s terms and guidelines for rules.

For importing LUA in Visual Studio Code, search for LUA extensions in the marketplace for syntax highlighting and code completion.

To create an EXE file, besides learning C, you can use other languages like C++, C#, or Python, which have resources for creating stand-alone applications.

If you need more help or have specific questions, feel free to ask. Good luck with your projects!

The lua extensions aint working xd

you know what’s weird, I think the general sentiment is that running ads on your glitch site is allowed, but there’s also this one help article that advises you not to have any obfuscated code in your site (although that’s not mentioned in the terms of service). isn’t the code for the a lot of ad systems proprietary and at least minified?

what’s this exe you’re building? lua is a language with an embedded interpreter that you’re ‘meant’ to include in a bigger application, so it better have a way to be inside an exe.

We do allow minified code, it’s code obfuscated to get around our tooling for detecting malicious content that’s not allowed. Whenever someone hits this and we see it’s not malicious, we often work with the creator to rewrite the code in a way that doesn’t trigger our system (and we update the system if possible to avoid the same false positives).

Any ads I’ve seen run on Glitch apps (which has been rare but they are out there!) have not run into an issue that’s ended up on my radar. Google Adsense, last I’ve used it, gives a script tag with a source url from Google and not any obfuscated code.


Basically all I’m tryna do is hide my code and execute my code when the exe is clicked nothing like a whole file folder system read this file then read that file nah nothing like that just a simple exe to hide my code and also do full on desktop automation.

Question about the templates you have created more but they arent being shown on when I go to create a new is this because they are still in development?

I will be on later to read your response

By the way, about monetization, I wouldn’t recommend Google Ads. Tons of people use adblockers and you wouldn’t get much revenue, plus they violate your privacy. I would recommend checking EthicalAds instead.

(personal opinion)

Oh you mean the 2 new projects not being under the “create project” button? That’s a great question - I’ll ask the team about that. I imagine it’s because the list may be too long to add them both.

alright :+1: :ok_hand: :+1:

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