My bot cant connect to Discord

Debugging shows 429 hit on route /gateway/bot being logged everytime

What should I do?

Discord has probably banned the ip that the project is using. Check out and report the problem there, also contain the project name

Its a new bot, I just started using glitch (boosted)

Your project however doesn’t have a dedicated IP address. Containers can share the same IP.


I somehow think that its a bigger issue for boosted apps too…
On free tier, Id just remix and get a new project and connect to Discord just fine
On a paid tier, i will need to wait for staff to move my app…

True, I think @glitch_support should take it up with the team whether or not to add a feature where boosted apps can switch to another host (or IP).


Hi Aya1337, sorry you’re having trouble connecting to Discord. To clarify it’s just luck whether or not your project ends up on a banned IP and it can happen to both boosted and non boosted projects. If you email we can help you out with getting it connected again.

The bot somehow connected an hour after, perhaps you guys moved a cluster.
Alright thanks for letting me know