My Discord bot goes 'offline' and back 'online' occasionally

I have an event that sends an embed when the bot goes online.

bot.on('ready', () => {
console.log(Bot ‘${bot.user.username}’ is on!);
bot.channels.get("596766263431135234").send(readyEmbed) <====

It works fine, but the bot will occasionally send that embed when i am not changing the code. This is a problem because it resets all of my timeouts that the commands need. How can i fix this?

I am using uptimerobot, and my project name is meow-bot.

Uptimerobot goes to your bot page every five minutes and turns it on, that’s why it sends embed.

it does not send it every 5 minutes though.

You doesn’t make more than one checker?

Hey @MeowCatPersonThing, when you say “occasionally” can you give us a sense of how often that is? Keep in mind that Glitch projects always restart every 12 hours, so you’ll see this at least twice a day, and there’s no way around that at the moment.

We’ve also been seeing an increased rate of Discord bans lately, so if your project keeps getting placed on a host that gets banned it will restart when we retire that host.

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it probably gets restarted every 12 hours, thanks

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