My project is messed up and I don't know how to fix it

My project is executed in parallel and does not stop

There must be a problem with the code. If you could share your project, I can help you.

It is not a code error

Refreshing should restart the first time

this problem happened to me too. this is not a code problem.

Yes, It is a glitch error you are executing the project even if you already delete it

It is still on and the project token is definitely a glitch error

Hi @esponjosin - you may have duplicate node [your server file].js processes running. If you open the console and run ps aux do you see one or more node [your server file].js processes listed?

awww, just when i solved an issue like this…

i know the solution, can i say it jenn?

The original project is deleted now I have another one but having the token in the env does not happen with the remix


killall -u app

that will kill all processes being ran in your app, not root.

doing so will also delete the copied processes, and reset things like uptime data

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The joke is to eliminate the project

I think the error comes from the glitch watcher since before I appeared an error related to that