Private Projects Feedback

Hello, so there was an update for new projects that you would have to pay for this feature? I mean yes, Glitch has to earn money but some people just don’t want to make projects open to the public. Please fix this if possible, some code that I was preparing for an important event was exposed today and I personally was not happy about that.

Hi there - if you set a project as private, it should still be private. No projects were (or will be) switched to public in this release, we’ve just made it so only paying users can make projects private going forward.

If you’ve found that a private app has been made public in error because of this launch, can you email with the name of the project so we can investigate?

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I would just like to know why new Projects have to be Public?

Because Glitch needs a way to make money. When Glitch/Hyperdev was created it was always the plan to make private projects paid.

Do you have a source as to where this was said?

I’ll try and find it :slight_smile:

Here you go…,and%20we’ll%20have%20corporate%20and%20enterprise%20versions.