My feedback on having to pay to private projects

Hi, I’ve learned that soon you must pay to private projects but this seems like a bad idea.

Not many people want their projects public and many of my private projects are testing, which would clutter profiles.

Also, some projects aren’t just ready for the public (exposed secrets not an a .env file, code not finished, etc)

I mean yeah, you have to pay for servers but you could also:

  • Have an a la carte system (because $10/m can be expensive for some people)
  • Sell merch (T-shirts, stickers, etc)
  • Use
  • Have a donate system to let anyone donate spare change that they might have

Yes I do know that cheesebuilderman already made a post about this, but this is why pay for private should not happen.


Where is the evidence, may I ask?

If this is true I will pack my bags


Credit: @TurboBiscuit and @Nicsena

But where can I find that one page?

  1. Go to
  2. Enable “private_projects_ui”
  3. Go to the pricing page:
  4. You will see it there.

You can also go to any project and click the “share” button.

Also, don’t forget to disable it so you can re-private projects again.


This is seriously going in the wrong direction for Glitch… Unacceptable.

Time to run all of my apps in a GitHub pipeline instead :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)


Woah, the secret page is cool!!!

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@glitch_support is this true???




this is a very wrong turn for glitch…

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Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 14.25.49
Hopefully this means that existing private projects won’t be made public.


Thank the lord :sparkling_heart: :smiley:

C’mon, let’s just use my loophole and private a bunch of express projects!

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I don’t completely get why they’re doing it, or even planning it. This is indeed like exiting the roundabout too early. Seriously.

From their point of view, I sorta get it, they need the money! It can’t be easy running all these services for free, and only a few paying members compared to the total amount of projects hosted.

However, there are still ways to keep your project private, for instance encrypting your source code and having the decryption key in a .env file, then decrypting the entire project to the /tmp directory and then start a sub-process from there.

It would be really nice if @glitch_support could explain why they’re deciding to make private projects a paid feature, as there may be more reasons than just economical advantages.

I also wonder if Glitch has thought about other solutions to economical issues, like simply asking for donations or partnerships with other companies like Google or Amazon. A possibility would be starting to sell merchandise, I think that would be beneficial!


I’d buy some great looking glitch merch any day.


heck yes I’d buy this

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Can’t people view .gitignore?

They can view the .gitignore file but what I mean is they might put their secrets in a config.json file and use a .gitignore to hide it.

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*Glitch bans .gitignore

*And .env…

Also the private project feature that we was not supposed to know about.

What server is this^^

Can someone tell me why this was flagged
Edit: Ok nvm