Project files missing after infra update, no rewind available

Can’t run console cuz mobile. Also it happened NOW so it’s after the status page stated “fixed”

Name is hill-playroom

I have got missing files as well so I guess it’s not an isolated case

yes, some projects had issues during the latest deploy, but we got backups for everything. If you tell us your project name, we’ll restore the files.

Mine too. My username is @nshilpa. And files in all my project are missing. Could you please restore the files.

Hi, yes, if you tell us the project names… :slight_smile:


“xpsystem-module” is my project that got affected

@nshilpa @vlazarov278 restored :slight_smile:

Thank you, now…time to make local backups :slight_smile:

we are sorry for the inconvenience, but we can assure you that our backups are pretty strong already, and that this issue was caused by a very unusual deploy… and only a few dozens projects got affected. Nevertheless, local backups (or even better, git backups) are always good :wink:

Thanks. All works fine now.

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Great support! A really good service, especially for free! Keep up the good work! :smile:

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