Project name shouldn't End's With "-"

Some project name is Ended with -, therefore, Some browser may cannot Visit that App with NOT_RESOLVED error.

True. Glitch should make something where you can’t make a project with an underscore or dash at the end because some browsers don’t like it if something is named like that


It won’t resolved. Here’s What happend if you Visit some app that ends with -:

Works on Firefox!

I know if it’s works at Firefox. Therefore, Some browser may got NXDOMAIN error…

Of course, My browser won’t let me in.

What browser are you using?

C h r o m e

haha yes chrome.

ew chrome. This could probably be tested with a simple regex.

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c h r o m e f t w
o p e r a r e c o r d s i p a n d o t h e r i n f o

o p e r a s u c k s

Anyway, projects with dashes at the end should probably be switched to the next possible solution


for some stupid reason it will not work on chromium based browsers (not just chrome lol)

Well i see…

throw new Error("Chrome is crazy")
return process.exit(66666666666)


Works for me on chrome.

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I think it is because project names don’t just contain only hyphens (e.g.

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The same error happens when project names get way too long last time I checked iirc