Q&A - Glitch Subdomain/How To Change

For those wondering what the .glitch.me subdomain is for is because when you create a Glitch project such as a Website/Node etc is for an automatic domain. It’s so you don’t have to pay for one, although there is a way to link a bougthen one if you’re wanting one such as .com or .net etc in the bottom left.

  • Question: Is the subdomain an IP Grabber or Doxxing Link?
    Answer: No. For no reason will Glitch want users to dox or grab any IPs - it is against guidelines.

  • Question: Can I use the subdomain if I am not using Glitch.com itself?
    Answer: No. In order to use a .glitch.me subdomain you must have a PROJECT on Glitch.

  • Question: How can I setup a different domain?
    Answer: [Tutorial] Get your project on a custom domain! - Full steps how to setup.

Hope this helped a few questions revolving around the Glitch subdomain and how to add a new one!

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