Replace image (in addition to delete)


It would be nice if you could replace an image without affecting its url. This would allow someone to swap out an image without having to replace the url in the code in multiple places. I know there may be caching issues, but if there were an alias for the image in some way than the code that is delivered to the browser could dynamically replace the alias with the image url. Again just think it could be easier to replace an image without having to search for all places the image may be used in the code.


If you upload a file with the same name, then it gets overwritten by it allowing you to swap out an image without changing the URL.


Ok, just FYI, I would never have guessed that. Even if I had done it I
would have assumed the url changed and given the length of the urls
probably would not have been able to easily notice that the url had not

I likely would have deleted the first image, though. I would still
recommend possibly adding a button to the image dialog (where “Copy Url”)
is that says “Replace Image” or something to that effect. Other ways to
handle the problem, but it would be unfortunate for the system to work that
way and have no one understand that it does.