Make a "replace all" button in the editor

I think there should be a way to replace all occurences of a piece of code in a file/page.

For example,
You have a picture that you used multiple times. The picture is outdated and you find a new, better one. Instead of going through all of the images and replacing them manually, you click the new “replace all” button and voila! All of the old images are replaced with the new one!

Having something like this would make coding faster and easier.


You have my invisible vote!

Thanks :slight_smile:

You have my vote too, That would be nice @DerDer56

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The best course of action here is to just use the glitch VS Code extension. VS Code already has this features + hundreds of others, its the best way to go about this.


Ok, thanks for the info!

isnt this what CTRL+Alt+F for?


ye i noticed that just a few days ago as well