[Resolved] API delays and drop in project container availability

We are investigating a degradation in api performance. Site performance may be slow and cause data requests to time out. You can receive updates by going to status.glitch.com.


Glitch really needs to sort out these Glitches! I’m so funny! :joy:


@tasha What is actually going on? Why is this happening? Why are the logins not working and the terminal?


Decrease in project container availability that is causing project apps to load forever and occasionally return a 504 Gateway Time-out.


Keep an eye on status.glitch.com for more updates!


Can confirm this. It’s not as bad, but it is a bit annoying
status.glitch.com for more info btw

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Seems to be coming back up, although I can’t totally trust it.

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Might just come straight back down again like usual :joy:

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My projects are loading endlessly…

And it seems to back. I’ll mark this as solved if it stays at 100% for the next few minutes.

Guess I was right after all. We have a massive drop in container availability and a huge spike in the API response time. @glitch_support!

I can’t access my project right now :frowning:


@EddiesTech ^^^^

(Yes that is ‘Best hold music’ I am listening to as you can see from my tabs :joy:)

Glitch status updates continued on

Thanks @khalby786 and @EddiesTech. I was just notified by the team.

We’re bootstrapping now, and getting things sorted. So we are on the case!

One thing to note is one of our monitoring services went down recently, and this is making it more tricky to observe the overall affects of the API slowness for users. For this reason, please feel free to continue posting any issues you are seeing and think may be related to this incident in this. thread. That way, we can aggregate the info and do a better job identifying how this is affecting users.


my project’s are about to shutdown and there is lag …

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My project is now loading all fine! :slight_smile: Expect more issues though :expressionless:

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One thing I am noticing from support requests that were sent 4-2 hours ago is that terminal was not loading. I checked one of my test projects and was able to bring terminal up. Are folks here still seeing terminal issues?

@tasha seems to be fine now. :slight_smile: