Someone spammed my project with excessive requests

someone spammed my project with excessive requests… how to handle it?

Can you check if it’s a dos or a ddos by checking if all ips are the same?

He spammed me by glitch too

What do you exactly mean?

someone spam my project with a glitch too

You can make a new one.
Staff will eventually notive the glitch project causing all this mess.

@hansputera, is your project returning a ‘429 Too Many Requests’ because it has crossed 4000 requests per hour?

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i often get ddosed, i get this > 25 times a week

usually in the past i’d just ask the staff for ddos protection, which they can provide, or use cloudfare, either or, i just used cloudfare after awhile

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No, “This project has received too many requests, please try again later.”

We should like make a max amount of requests for 1 ip within 1 minute. Might cause a problem for a school as the entire school would have to use 1 ip

Yes, that error message is caused when your project crosses 4000 requests in an hour.

@javaarchive Actually, it may not since school computers are usually on their own network per room. (That is how it works at my school.)

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At my school every chromebook uses the same IP

Oh. We have routers in every room, so that may be why.

My school uses the same network with boosters and it connects us to the school main servers and the printers

same here…
( ignore )

My school has half a dozen networks, guest wifi staff wifi etc

Change project’s name?