Submit your project for ✨ App of the Week!

Today we’re rolling out a new feature on highlighting a new project each week called—you guessed it—App of the Week!

Our first app is a Glitch classic, Nasa, created by @danreeves. See your phrase in the bright lights of space! :rocket:

Nominate your favorite projects by submitting them to this thread, or filling out this form.

Please include the following info when submitting your apps to this thread.

  • Link to the project
  • Username of the creator
  • What type of project it is
  • Why it’s cool and should be featured!

We can’t wait to see what you submit, thanks!


It’s really cool to see Glitch getting enough activity to start doing this on a weekly basis. Congratulations, in a way, to Glitch itself!

And, in a way, congratulations to projects submitted here for being “done” enough for inclusion in something like this :laughing: May they survive the week of exposure without getting stuck in “Preparing” or running out of requests or something :pray: