Last Year on Glitch 2023 - call for nominations are open!

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year again:

Last year on Glitch

Our call for nominations for Last Year on Glitch 2023 is out and we’re asking the community to help us showcase the Glitch apps that inspired you, helped you, and overall made you see how fun, friendly, and beautiful the Web could be in 2023.

You can submit as many as you like and you can even submit the apps you made yourself! At the turn of the new year, we’ll be sharing what the community has submitted as well as some other fun categories that we at Glitch have come up with - all to show the world what you, the friendliest community of coders, have built on Glitch!

We’re introducing a new category this year: Best Fediverse Apps - these apps showed us how to build our owns spaces to stay connected in this exciting era of the decentralized social web!

We can’t wait to share the community’s choices on Glitch as we roll into 2024!

Note: Deadline for nominations is Friday, December 22th!


Just a casual thread bump to let folks know the deadline for nominations here is this Friday, 12/22!

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