The project subdomains do not work!

Hi! I just tried to create a blank project with glitch. When i tried to open the webpage of that project, it returns a denied connection error! My test project is and this error persists in all my projects! How can i fix that?

Hey @emilinadaniel27, welcome to the Glitch forum, and sorry for the bother!

When I open that project I’m able to see it just fine - can you show us what things look like from your perspective with a screenshot or something?

It means denied connection

Ok, what I think you’re seeing is something we’ve heard about from other European Glitch users - some European ISPs are blocking access to domains. We’ve mostly seen this from Vodafone IT, but have also heard from some other folks from other ISPs. Unable to access * websites is a topic that discusses it and solutions that others have come up with - unfortunately we at Glitch can’t do much to help with this, but perhaps if enough customers complain to their ISPs someone will take notice.

Sorry for the bother!


It’s alright for me… btw i am not using vodafone.
I admit that glitch is the best platform i ever found around! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile: