torcAddons, an addon package for the glitch editor!

you can also just remove the script from your userscript manager, it doesn’t do anything anymore.

I don’t have a timeframe for the search bar. maybe ill look into it this weekend if I have the time!


this will become extremely useful for my bot service…


hey, i made a new addon to go along side with the manual update addon, you can find it here, it adds a manual watch.json addition script

and i broke it, fixing it again…

Hi, it is great but could you make a how to use guide?

It’s just because it is my first time using scripts like this

there will most likely be one soon :wink:

just can’t get to busy… plus i broke the user script XD

supposed to append after the update button from manual update… @torcado may be able to explain what it is supposed to do

Tampermonkey. Install the addon. Boom done. @17lwinn

alright, new addon!


UserScript download

adds a search bar to the filetree to show/hide files. Also supports regex parsing.

This is more or less a port of the previous search bar, but i added a regex parser because why not.

enjoy! :heart:

@J-Tech-Foundation oh awesome, nice job! it would be even better if it could detect if a watch.json already exists and insert "^.torc-update" into it if there is one

@17lwinn I’d love to help out in whatever way i can! what exactly would you want a how-to guide on? making your own addon scripts?

I think it’s a guide on how to use the scripts, right @17lwinn?

@khalby786 @torcado wow so many messages… Sorry for the delay

What I need some how-to-guides on how to install, using it and modifying it

I will later try to install this in firefox- but it looks great so i can’t wait!

i have figured the button is not gonna be an option, if enabled, it is just going to add the file, no buts, no exceptions

I’ve tried it, it’s great but the favouriting script does not work

What doesn’t work about it? does clicking the star not add it to the list? does it not save between reloads? are there any errors in the console?

nope… i think glitch is actually getting confused, doing more debugging later on it

there is no star and I cannot add items to a list, I checked if the addon is working and it was enabled

did you install the base driver script torcAddons.js as well? all scripts need this one in order to run. please press ctrl+shift+i on your glitch code page to see if there are any errors in the console, which there should be if torcAddons.js is not included

hm… i have tried everything, could you try to fix it up? and send it to me?

im sorry, i dont know what you’re asking me to do. all the scripts work fine for me, i have no information regarding what is broken. are both of you having issues with torcAddons-favorite.js?
I need more information