Two glitch bugs

I’ve found two different bugs on


  • On the main page, choose any link that has the thick underline and colour-swapping text (Remix links, user links).
  • Click and HOLD on the link.
  • Switch tabs
  • Let go of left click
  • Switch back
  • Move your mouse

After following those steps, the link is completely covered up.


If you go to a team that has a project that you are a member of, you can thank yourself as many times as you like. (Though it doesn’t save)


Hi @Haizlbliek - thanks for flagging these! I’ve filed a ticket for but #1 - you don’t even need to switch tabs, it’s the focus state of the link that doesn’t change the text to contrast with the background.

As for #2, that’s a known “bug” and I put that in quotes because it’s kind of a workaround to the case that some members of the project may not have been thanked by you yet - at the end of the day, you still can only get one saved “thanks” from someone. This probably won’t be changed on the current site but we’re aware of it going into work on


We’ve fixed issue #1! Thanks for the report @Haizlbliek!