UI suggestion: Text Editing should have its own button

So I was wondering if anyone had suggested ‘find and replace’ for the editor and I ended up finding out it was under ‘keyboard shortcuts’ the whole time. I’ve been using Glitch for about 2 years and never clicked on ‘keyboard shortcuts’ (not kidding). I just switched to React Router 6, that was fun! :expressionless:

I think ‘Text Editing’ should get its own button, so that the ‘find / replace’ option is more prominent. Also mac + PC options should be specified. I always assume keyboard shortcuts won’t be too helpful and barely use them, personally. I know they’re kind of a hot topic in developer youtube videos and such, but since I mostly code on a freelance/for fun basis these days, I’m not really pressed for time.

I always forget what they are since they’re “the same as Sublime” and I’m not a Sublime person, I’m one of those awful Windows/Visual Studio/VSCode/Notepad++ people. So I end up searching for “Sublime toggle line comment” and stuff like that quite often.

I’m in favour of something that makes this easier by A. Surfacing keyboard shortcuts more easily as suggested above, and B. Actually listing all the shortcuts instead of just a handful.


That’s a good point. I was using Sublime before VS Code became the editor of choice, but I imagine that a lot of newer devs also might not be on board. The shortcuts as is seem much more familiar to longer term devs or editors.

I was also just thinking…though the keyboard icon is cute/clever, that’s what intuitively threw me off. I always scrolled past that button because there was no visual cue for literal “keyboard shortcuts” as we know them. A better visual representation would help, especially if there is a separate Text Editing button as proposed.

I also think the On Your Website/Embed option should go underneath the Editor Settings. I’m curious how many people use that feature. I like the idea, and even tried it a few times, but I always went back to displaying my work in a more custom way.

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thanks for the awesome information.

How about https://vscode.dev a web-based, zero-install, customizable editor?

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