Uploading a whole folder


Is there a way to upload a folder, or is it unsupported yet?

I have a folder which contains stuff for the main script, but I don’t feel like uploading one by one, or uploading all then renaming each one into a folder.


You can try putting all of your folder into github, and then import from github.
Yeah its not easy as you wanted it to be, but its the way around.

And as far as I am aware, there’s no way of uploading folder in gitch.


Ah, okay. Do hope they add this feature though.


Another solution is to do the following:

  • Create a ZIP file of the files or folders you want
  • Upload it to the assets folder in your project, click it and click “Copy Url”
  • Navigate to “Settings > Advance Options > Open Console” in your project
  • In the console, first we want to pull the zip file from the url
$ wget -O file.zip https:///url-to-your-zip
  • Then we want to extract it to the current directory
$ unzip file.zip -d .
  • Then we want to remove the zip file
$ rm file.zip
  • Finally we want to refresh our app so the new files are shown in the editor
$ refresh

That’s it, hope this helps!


Cool, thanks! I’ll do that when I need so.