VSCode quit formatting code

I just created a new project on Glitch by clicking on New Project and selecting hello-webpage. I then opened it in VS Code and edited the line in script.js:

/* If you're feeling fancy you can add interactivity 
    to your site with Javascript */

// prints "hi" in the browser's dev tools console

When I tried formatting the file, it failed. I expected it to change the single quotes to double quotes and insert a semi-colon. Looking closer, I noticed that the “ghost” file had been formatted as expected, but not the “live Glitch document”. The formatting works on previously created files (another project). I even tried re-mixing the project for which the formatting was working, but the re-mixed project did not format.

Link to project

  • By ghost file, I mean the “~/.vscode-glitch/cache…” file that gets opened sporadically. That’s another quirk of using VS Code and Glitch, but not a show-stopper.