We are currently experiencing an outage of the Glitch homepage. Our team is aware and working on a fix!

I have a big issue, one of the files in the .data folder has had its contents wiped due to the outage.

Project name: awake

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For some reason, all of my projects don’t seem to load. Is the outage still going on? Since I have checked https://status.glitch.com/ and it says that everything is resolved.

Turns out this was one of my extensions blocking the site.

im getting the unkown server error aswell, i do not have any analytic blockers.

nvm, it stoppped, again


When I went to your project I saw the error page. I just reset it. Are you able to get into your project and use the Rewind feature now to recover your files?

Rewind doesn’t recover files in the .data directory if I’m correct?


my bad, i overlooked that part - my apologies! .data is not included in Rewind.

Would there possibly be any way to recover the stuff in .data?

@xXProGamerXx I can try restoring your project to your first backup from today, Dec 18. Does that work for you?

If you can, that should be fine.


Done! Your project should be restored to your first version you were working in today. I hope this helps!

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Thank you! It’s now working again and all the files in .data have been restored!