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According to the guidance on this forum, all it says is that:

And that you should use the help centre to actually get support. Nowhere does it say you can’t ping staff, it’s just pointless. Except in my case where I am not asking for support but instead sharing an idea/thought for a community event. I can ping Anil Dash on Twitter, so why not here? Furthermore, @code-alt, if you have an issue with one of my posts, or anyone else’s here, please DM the user to discuss the issue. There’s no need to make a public fuss about it, Otherwise, people just get off topic


is this ever going to happen?

probably not

But i’d love to see it happen.

I think my vote button is broken lol
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so would everyone else…

Hard refresh XD

Just so you know, I’m not voting for this. We have hackathons, hosted by others. (it’s not a webjam, that would throw away a bunch of people.) And just so you know Glitch officially supports just javascript (node) so I doubt that this will ever actually happen.

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Hi there! So this is something I was hoping to do last year, but some other priorities got ahead of that. If we were to introduce coding jams this year, I’m curious as to what themes/topics y’all would love to see!


I myself have been to 2 “coding competition-ey” events:

  1. Coolest Projects (Raspberry Pi Foundation coolestprojects.org) is an extremely popular coding competition event in different places such as the UK (Manchester), USA (California) and International (Dublin). This year they did an online version. Coolest Projects works in categories (i.e. Hardware, Scratch, Mobile Apps, Web, Games (excluding Scratch), and Advanced Programming) and people can enter whatever they want as long as they fit. It’s pretty cool! Get it? CP is more of a showcase.
  2. HackJR MCR (HAC100 hac100.com) is the child of HAC100, a Manchester-based hackathon, for the youth. Both the main and junior versions work in the same way – sponsors (e.g. Clockwork SMS, Co-op Digital, Zen Internet, etc.) give a brief or challenge (e.g. this one by the Co-op “How would you encourage people of a similar age to you, to get together to do some good in your local area?” or this one by Clockwork SMS “9.8% of adults in Greater Manchester have a long-term health condition or disability that significantly impairs their everyday lives. Using our incredibly easy API, find a way that SMS can be used to improve the lives of people suffering from such conditions.”) This is all great since the companies that set challenges give the prices for the winning team/person. Unfortunately, HAC100 closed in 2020 because… well, you can probably guess. I think it’d be really cool to carry on what they started, but on a much larger scale.
    I think the HAC100 model will work the best, as we could get some really innovative projects to arise because of it.

What do you think @jenn? You could get different companies involved if they are up for it and they can provide challenges and prices (e.g. premium plans, gift cards, etc.) I think that’d be really cool!


That’s not what the idea is, tough.
The webjams should be made by actual glitch users, not companies.

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Does Hacktoberfest count?