Will it count on 1000 hours? if i run my website make it live on local host throught my laptop but it goes live for other ppl

will it count on 1000 hours ???on glitch there is a limit 0/ 1000hours what if i host a server dedicated to my local server network means it gonna be live thought my local host server thorugh glitch means its not live : if im using local host to make my website live on gltich which i made and its working for other ppl too its on local server and working and hwen i turn off my pc it does not work :
will it count in 1000 hours ???
what 1000 hours does opening the code proejct or running webiste ?? by using the glitch server ??

Hi @skyler, welcome - this doc may help you to understand how project hours work: https://help.glitch.com/hc/en-us/articles/16287560308109-Project-Hours

If I’m reading your post right, it sounds like you’re building your site on your own local machine and then copying it or uploading it to Glitch, yeah? If that’s the case, your building locally vs in a live Glitch editor doesn’t count towards your hours. Let me know if I’m off course here.

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absolutely can’t make sense of the first post. please fix up the grammar if your question isn’t answered. but here are some principles of glitch hours:

  • if you don’t have a glitch project at all, you won’t use project hours
  • if you host a project somewhere other than glitch, and that project doesn’t connect to glitch, you won’t use project hours
  • if you have a glitch project and:
    • if you have the project open in the glitch editor, you will use project hours
    • if someone else has the project open in the glitch editor, you will use project hours
    • if the project is not a static site:
      • if you open the project website, it’ll use project hours
      • if someone else opens the project website, it’ll use project hours
  • what the project is “dedicated to” doesn’t affect whether you use project hours
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besically i have a chatting website i tried to learn create by using socket.io and node.js then it worked but when i was typing npm start in terminal of glitch ( i uploaded on gltich my website files ) then my website went live and my other friends from other place was able to chat with me but when i turned off my laptop it wasn’t working ,oops not found : which means my laptop was working as a server that time ?? right ?? when i was doing npm start in glitch terminal then i was going live

another questiong the this website of mine : i created u can see upper i gave u (bcz new users cant put 2 links in comment ) and made permanent online 9 hours ago but still my hours are saying 2/1000 :what is that means sholud it not say 9 /1000 bcz my website is online since 9 hours ago

thank you for reading

can you check the project logs to see if there’s a problem when glitch tries to start the project?

when no one’s using the website, glitch shuts down the project container and it’ll stop using project hours.

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thank you so much sir /ma’am for your help i wanna thank you all everyone

"I want to thank you for understanding my poor grammar and for helping me, as well as others. I feel blessed to receive assistance from you and others.

Here’s the answer I found: If my server website is online or actively being used, or if I’m editing my codes on Glitch, it counts as hours.

The second problem I encountered: I asked ChatGPT for help by providing the code. ChatGPT made a few changes, and I don’t know exactly what, but when I copied and pasted it, it fixed my issue of slow loading.

as i I said in my post , ‘I have been hosting my website using my laptop’s localhost as a server, making it live. I don’t know how it’s happening, but it worked! It worked! :joy:

Essentially, I was using Glitch to make my website online, but the server it was using to host was my laptop. It might sound weird, but that’s how it is. I don’t completely understand it, but what I do know is that my laptop is being used as a server through Glitch, allowing people to access my website when I make it online by running 'npm start :slight_smile: i will update you all if i get understand more : btw im new to web development
i do work in a restaurant after college so so sorry to late reply please try to forgive me you and others i try my best to fastest as possible i can reply
im forcuing on my college study at the same time web development also python too :slight_smile: i hope i dont mess up programming languages by doing multiple stuff

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This doesn’t use up your Glitch project hours :+1:

Can you describe this in more detail?

This part raises some questions. I looked up the docs for npm start, and it says it uses the scripts.start command from your package.json file. But that’s what Glitch uses too. Usually Glitch will get to it first because it runs it automatically, and your program will listen on what port it’s meant to listen on. If you were to run npm start in the project terminal in this situation, it would fail because that port would already be in use. So what you’re seeing there is also consistent with Glitch not being able to start your project correctly. I’d still recommend checking the Glitch project logs to see if there’s anything that could help us figure out what goes wrong.

edit: huh, there seems to be no help article for how to open the project logs. but anyway, look around in the gray bar at the bottom for a “Logs” button