A bunch of projects!

HELLO Glitch community
I just migrated all my web projects to glitch from Replit, which means a new community gets all my stuff!

World’s hardest game - click the button then you win
Gizmo AI Discord Bot - Gizmo is an AI discord bot that talks, creates images, and has NO donations or upgrades or payments of any sort! Add him to your discord server to see for yourself!

Now, Glitch only allows two links, so check me out at my profile: @MilesWK

I hope you like any one of these projects! Have feedback? Reply to this post!

MilesWK out!


Hi! I also migrated from Replit, but I don’t have much of my projects up at Glitch yet. Where did you see that Glitch only allow 2 links?



trust me bro :grin:

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Did you just go into the console and change the number? I have a feeling that is slightly imposssible unless you changed the code or grinded for SO SO long. Or used the cheat… I mean what?? no cheat here…

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I mean here in the posts. you cannot put more than 2 links in a support post at one time.

Oh, I get it. Does this mean that if someone wanted to share projects, they can’t get all their links in one post?

I think it depends on the badges you earned on the forum. Let me try if I can paste more than 10 links in one post:

oh no, if only glitch had a system for users to collect a bunch of links into one place so that you could post a single link to that place

that’s a joke. anyway, welcome from replit, rip. I think users later get permission to post multiple links. not sure what the requirements are.

ultra edit: MilesWK (glitch.com) – apparently the forum user page doesn’t link to the glitch account page

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Sorry what?

I liked replit so much :frowning:

I am quite new to glitch. Is there an area? Oh wait. Profile. (duh)

ok I looked it up Understanding Discourse Trust Levels apparently it takes a lot of reading to get to “trust level 1.”

I mean this page https://support.glitch.com/u/MilesWK/summary doesn’t link to your glitch user page.

actually I was referring to this glitch-in-bio :open_mouth:


I made a playlist with all the stuff that I made that is polished and good!


Um… there’s quite a problem with that since you can’t really control whether your computer is touchscreen or not…

I am sorry about that. I can make a version of the game where touchscreen is supported

Good afternoon (at least for me), @element,

You can now go to The Touchscreen Version and be able to play there. The reason why I made a new page for it is so the text is green so you can get a score, but if you try posting a picture, it is green… meaning it is on touchscreen.

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It’s pretty easy to click the button in the touch screen version.

Yes, you are right.

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