A Quick glitch Pinging Poll

Hello. Now that glitch has banned pinging services permanently. I wanted to see what effect would happened to glitch community. So to make it easier I just made an poll.

  • I will Leave Glitch
  • I will only use glitch for testing
  • I will stay with glitch

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there is another poll to see what other service you will use if you leave glitch:

  • VPS
  • Github Pages
  • Replit
  • other

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Done :slight_smile:

it will affect mainly the Discord community, the rest of us will be fine, the website wakes up as soon as someone accesses it


Tbh, I might like it better if Glitch scrapped the loading page and just made the loading time a little longer. Or an option to change between the two. The loading screen seems a bit scrappy.


I agree, the loading page is kind of bad

I’ll stick with glitch as it is a great service but you can’t make advanced stuff. At some point, if you want an audience, you have to move.

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