ETA on ping activation?

I was wondering howlong we need to wait untill pinging our projects is going to be back up?

Never. It’s been banned for life.

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Time to move out of Glitch then :slight_smile:


Buy premium that’s what I did. Kinda unrealistic to stop using it because they had slow down all of the people using the free service. The premium has been vary reliable for me. One of my bots has 10 day uptime and that never happened on glitch before

Why is it unrealistic to stop using it? If a person project needs to be online 24/7 then people are going to leave to find a place that works for them. Not everyone can buy to have their project boosted, or to get a VPS etc.

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It’s very nice your can afford yourself that. But it’s more cheaper getting vps than using glitch or on long term buy a rassberry and host it yourself

Glitch needs to pay amazon for their server to host your discord bots and they have to pay that x amount for your project.

Glitch has been kind and provided us a long term free service but everything has an end.

they pay for your service. So yea it is unrealistic to go buy service somewhere else instead of the company that made developing possible for you for however long you used there service for. 10$ literally so cheap. even homeless people have more then 10$ a month. go mow a lawn, go turn in some cans. figure it out but its not hard to come up with 10$

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