Both of my projects have been suspended, no response from Glitch via email or Facebook

Today marks the 2nd day of hearing nothing from Glitch despite both of my projects being down for ‘SKM’ which I have no idea what this even means.
I’ve sent messages via email and Facebook and have heard nothing back. The two projects are simply a discord bot that has now been down for 2 days and discord users are asking me when this is going to go back up, I have nothing I can say as the Glitch response times is evidently awful.

Have just seen a thread that projects are being banned due to services like uptimerobot.
I wish they made this more clear and gave us a chance to remove stuff like this from our projects, I even had Glitch Premium and my bot got a ban. Nice, thanks Glitch.

Did you not use “ALWAYS ONLINE”?

Yeah it was all setup with the ‘Always Online’ service as when I used UptimeRobot it was buggy so I decided to buy the Glitch Premium. Money wasted I guess.

True, I was also ready to buy the boosted apps got my paypal ready to pay but my friend then just in time Dmed me what is wrong with your bot why is it down, I went to check the project on glitch and it said Suspended because of SKM. Thank God my friend saved my money. Been waiting for 2 days for glicth to handover my files because I didn’t take any backup of my bots.
If @glitch_support you guys are reading this you should have emailed me first before suspending I would have removed the keep-alive package which caused all this and you could have got a customer for the annual plan which is expensive :frowning: people are gonna start to leave your service and all you are gonna get is dissatisfaction I am not saying this in terms of banning ping services but suspending our projects without even notifying us or letting us download our files.

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Hey @Starga123 and @Lebyy,

Glitch Support responds to support emails during the regular business hours of Mon-Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST. I agree there should be an option to download the project if it gets suspended.

Hi everyone!
You’re most likely getting banned for having the keepalive package or simaler installed on your project. It doesn’t matter if you are using it, it just gets banned. Just wait for Glitch to get back to you. :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for 3 days for them to get back to me without a word from them.
My project is a discord bot, which has now been down for 3 days while people are asking me what’s happening? I say the bot is down for maintenance but what if nothing happens and I don’t get my files back? It’s pretty awful service from glitch at the moment. I was even a paying customer.

I would’ve loved a heads up from them, there wasn’t even an email or announcement that the TOS had changed to stop these ping services. My main project didn’t even use the keepalive it was there from when I did previously use uptimerobot. I’ve been using the premium service for 1 month now.

Hey @glitch_support - can you check for @Starga123’s email. That’s probably the quickest way we can resolve this.

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It was most likely automated meaning they couldn’t check if you were using it or not. They have backups, but also lots of support enquiries right now, so be patient :slight_smile:

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It’s easy to say be patient but it’s not so easy when having a bot is needed in a lot of discord servers.

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Right, one of my projects got reverted and we lost all the work we had done that actually worked or looked good. It took us hours to write that. I emailed glitch support and had to wait a day, not knowing if they even had backups, for them to get back to me. I know it’s not as long of a wait, but I was in a state of despair - I was gonna give up, but, no, I was patient and you should be too.


Like I’ve said a few times now, it’s been roughly 2/3 days not that my discord bot has been down, I understand you had projects that were gone, but my discord bot is literally in 100+ servers that is used daily. You realise this makes my bot look bad that it’s not been down for this long and could effect people using it, right?
This suspend spree Glitch has been on should not have been automatic. My projects had the keepalive files inside the code but weren’t even pinged as the uptimerobot was deleted as I now had Glitch Premium and they were being kept alive by this service.
Saying be patient isn’t going to effect the service Glitch has provided with this, it’s awful that they auto suspend projects without warning.

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Yeah, I’ll ping @glitch_support once again to make sure that they take note of this. Also, you don’t have to worry about losing your files or code, they have backups with which they’ll be able to restore you project in case you lose your code and files.


Was angry with glitch and bought a much more cheaper and better specs vps.