Can we still use uptimerobot monitor?

I don’t want to pay for boosted apps and noticed that uptimerobot feature was gone. Can we still use it? If yes, how?

You can, but be sure not to go over the 20 limit.

What 20 limit? I’ve never heard about any limit with UTR.

Glitch will shut off your projects if you have over 20 projects running 24/7.

after the boost plan was released, a limit of 20 projects was put in place for running 24/7. Any more and it’ll be suspended for quota limits

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Oh didn’t know that…

yep, good to know

How it is with limit to 20 uptime projects?
Does it also count to my account if i am in my friend’s private projects?

And is allowed?

The rule is that if you have >20 projects running 24/7 on glitch they will be shut off. This is per account and it doesn’t matter what autopingger you use.

Does it count only for projects what i own with my account?
Or also to my friends projrcts which own my friend.

You have 20 projects on your accounts and on your friends account.

Ok thanks.
And my other question if i will reach limit all my projects will be suspended? Or i can still download them and edit on glitch and host locally on pc

If you pass the limit, you glitch projects will be suspended until to you get the number under 20.

you will get a message telling you that you have reached the quota limit

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