Custom Domain Issues

Hey. Can you guys somehow remove the domain from the drophost project? I couldn’t remove it on my own 0_o! Hopefully you guys can help. Thanks!

Hi @SemiClickbait! I’ve removed this domain from the project. Happy building!


@lyzidiamond I’m using Cloudflare to set my DNS settings, and I get a Error 1016 - Origin DNS error. This is my DNS settings:

EDIT: I see what I did wrong. I put rather than If you see anything else wrong, please let me know.

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Hi There, @SemiClickbait

So in order to let your website work, CNAME name must be www, so it appears like this:, but in your case it will be like this:
And the Content should be the link that glitch gives you like this:
But in your case you have to make like this:

Notice that won’t work because it is the wrong suffix
The right one is:

Have a nice day!