Uptimerobot not keeping my discord bot alive

I’ve been using uptimerobot for 2 weeks to keep my discord bot online, however as of 2 days ago it is no longer online unless I am on glitch.com. Uptimerobot still tells me it’s online, but it isnt.

Write in this topic: 24/7 Monitoring your projects | Interval: 15 seconds

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Having this issue as well. It’s been working fine for 9 months and since 2 days ago is no longer keeping the bot alive. Might be an Uptimerobot issue though.

@Tsuora, Just for this reason, a new, up-to-date monitoring was created that really works and does everything necessary to keep Glitch projects on track.

Follow the link from the past of my answer and read the topic.

Hey xyligan. Is it possinle for you to chamge how often my project is pinged from the current 15 seconds to arround every 3 minutes? My project name is tarbotcode. Thanks in advance.

@tdgog, Hello. It is possible in more detail what exactly you want.

Just for my discord bot to be pinged every 2.5-3 minutes from your monitoring service instead of every 15 seconds if possible.

I would recommend using Awake, as it keeps your bot online without any requirements, and for free.

@tdanford, Can. Specify the exact interval.

@okboomer1234321, So everywhere



@okboomer1234321, Awake! does not work at the moment. How can he keep projects?

Its working for me. @xyligan

@okboomer1234321, He does not work. People are forcing this for a long time.

This project is now updated to 2.0.



@charliea21 is Awake still working?


Yes. Still active and I have no plans to discontinue it any time soon.

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They give me the website address because I can’t find it