Discord bot is shutting down

I do not want to stop on the site, but this time the bot shuts down, I think all projects are always active 24/7

On Saturday, June 13 at 7:56 a.m. EST we began blocking ping services.

During this time, you may receive “project not responding” alerts from any ping service that you use with your Glitch projects.

Once I receive notice that the block has been lifted, I will post an update.

To see an explanation of why we block ping services during an incident, click here.

Please take a look at this, you will need to wait to make your projects run 24/7.


Hi, I moved this to feedback and glitch is temporarily blocking pingers


Updated the title.

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you might want to change to discord bot is falling asleep @RiversideRocks

I’m leaving it as shuts down as that is what OP said.

ok sure @RiversideRocks. but what does OP mean

As Urban Dictionary says:

Short for Original Poster. Used on online message boards and forums.

If you wanna keep it alive and you’re on your pc a lot. Keep a tab open with the bots url and use a Chrome auto refresh plugin that refreshes the tab every 5 minutes. Works perfect while your browser is open.

Yes, this is actually what I’ve been doing as of yesterday as well, and yeah it’s been working pretty nicely for me so far.

However, admittedly, I’m not too sure if doing this method is even permitted by Glitch?

Seems like they are banning ANYTHING that is “auto” refreshing like that.

So, even though I have it running from my home computer, I worry that Glitch will ban my IP thinking it’s a pinging service, when actually it’s just an auto refresh of my browser that points to my Glitch project.

Someone please confirm for me if this is allowed. Just seems like Glitch has been cracking down big time on everything that does anything automatically like even auto refreshing of a web browser.

Good point. I dont have my laptop on the whole day tho and could put the refresh timeout higher too reduce the amount of pings if needed

Obviously glitch doesn’t want people pinging projects

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Yeah, like I have my browser refresh rate set at 10 minutes per refresh instead of 5. But, again, it’s still done automatically. So like, I’m not sure if that is deemed bannable by Glitch, because they’re not manual refreshes? IDK. It’s pretty confusing to be honest because we don’t really what is permitted and what isn’t to keep Glitch projects alive. And I feel like Glitch doesn’t really communicate that well to its members. This auto browser refresh works fine for me, but is that considered a pinging service? Thus, would they ban that too? I don’t know.

Just seems like Glitch only wants projects to be pinged manually. Which, if that is the case, would make it pretty close to impossible to use Glitch.

I will refrain from getting too negative here, albeit admittedly I do have quite on my mind. But, alas, this is a free service so I guess ya can’t expect too much. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Still appreciate this service, even despite the degraded performance over the past few weeks.

Because Glitch projects are being pinged so much (some projects are getting pinged every 15 seconds which is wayyyyyy too much, it is being treated as a DDoS attack.

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yeah glitch is blocking ping reports :crying_cat_face: for now

It’s just a small problem. They say that they are working it out

How is This feedback?
I think this is More Suited to #glitch-help

also if you plan to Try and still do something you can use your Own PC to Ping it On a script
and have it Run in the Background as soon as you boot your PC you could even use a Old Phone or Something i won’t go into Detail Though for reasons you will need to fiqure that out yourself

Still not sure if this was feedback or the user was asking a question.

It is a Bit confusing To be honest how about i do a Small poll
Should this topic be in

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