Glitch package auto-update

My glitch discord bot is auto-updating my packages, which is causing problems with my bot running 24/7 (The package update requires you to be in the glitch project, otherwise it will shut down.)
Can the auto-update stop / update itself?
Thanks, Itay

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Hello! Also encountered a similar problem. The project works quietly and then some kind of package update begins. As a result, everything goes well, but the project does not start. This morning I had to do a Remix Project.

Add a pinging service to stop from doing it. Or just add a watch.json to stop auto-restarting the project.

What do you mean by a “pinging service”, I have uptimerobot on it but it will still update of course, and about the watch.json, explain?

uptimerobot is a pinging service too. about watch.json i don’t know much. but u can search it and read about it here