Glitch Project Ownership


I was thinking of inviting my friend to code with me, but I think if he comes, he may remove me at sometime from my own project. Can it be like so he can never remove me?

We could do that, but then is that a person you should invite in to your project anyway? With access to your project they could see and use your access token and edit/remove code. Preventing them from removing you from the project doesn’t really help that much if you can’t trust the person in the first place.

The person is a moderator in a server with 170k members. And his friend is the one who I am coding too, so that person is the one I can trust. But still, can you make it so he cannot remove me from project?

Alright I am confirming that I want to add that user to my project. So please make it so that he cannot remove me from the project and even can’t see the bot token and all.

I mean he also should not be able to see the .env

Thanks for the feature suggestions, they’ll be considered for a future update.

Wait, Can’t they be happening right now? For my project at least.

No, it’s more complicated than just wanting it. We have many users who all want new features. We need to consider what’s best for the community at large and then write the code to enable it, test it, deploy it etc.

Ah k. Thanks for help

If things do go wrong and he ends up removing you, you can let us know and we’ll sort it out.